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Student Bookings


UCT students are allowed to stay on in residence during the vacation period at an extra cost. The booking and payment falls into categories: Academic bookings and Personal bookings. Catering accommodation is available during both vacation periods but self-catering is only available during December and January. Rates are applicable from 1 January - 31 December.

Academic Bookings

These are bookings where the student can prove his/her stay is based on academic reasons. The student needs to bring proof from either the faculty, department or sponsor that they need to stay. This booking charge will be sent to the students fee account and needs to be paid according to the University's fee account policy.

2019 Catering *Rates valid until June 2020
Room plus
Three meals R 373.00
Breakfast and dinner R 339.00
Lunch and dinner R 351.00

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Personal Bookings

These are when UCT students need to stay on during the vacation period for graduation (graduates are not allowed to have a balance on their fee accounts), holiday work not associated with academic studies, etc. This charge must be paid in full upon making the booking for the duration of the stay and can be paid by credit or debit card or via bank transfer.

2019 Catering *Rates valid until June 2020
Room plus
Three meals R 437.00
Breakfast and dinner R 403.00
Lunch and dinner R 415.00

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