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Group Bookings

This is catering accommodation offered during June and July and also at the end of the year vacations. Due to the high cost involved in running this operation only groups of 60 and above are considered.

This accommodation is available for UCT or Non-UCT hosted events.

Please note

  • The rates below are for room only with bedding. Towels and soap are available on request at an extra fee.
  • Catering cost is not included on the rates. Enquire with Vacation Accommodation office directly for catering rates.



UCT Hosted (per person) Single R 314
Non-UCT (per person) Single R 359
UCT Hosted (per room) Double R 464
Non-UCT (per room) Double R 532
UCT Hosted (per person) Single R 345
Non-UCT (per person) Single R 395
UCT Hosted (per room) Double R 510
Non-UCT (per room) Double R 585

Contact us to make a booking.

See: Group Bookings Policy