Study Spaces for Day Students


The University of Cape Town has introduced study spaces for day students from 3 May 2021 until 24 December 2021. The intended users are students not living in residences who due to structural and systemic inequality have limited internet connectivity and/or are studying in overcrowded conditions.

Additionally, the university remains committed to maintaining a low-density campus and urges students to access campus only if it is necessary. We discourage students who may have health and medical risks from accessing campus. If in doubt, please contact the Student Wellness Service

A selected number of venues have been set up on campus and these spaces will be monitored by study space marshals. The study space marshals are trained senior students who report to the Department of Student Affairs.

The study spaces will operate from 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday. The spaces will remain open on public holidays but not on weekends. 

The venues are:

  • Leslie Social Science Mezzanine, Level 3 of Leslie Social Science Building, Upper Campus
  • Neville Alexander Quad, Level 2 of the Neville Alexander Building, Upper Campus
  • Molly Blackburn, Level 2 of the Otto Beit Building, Upper Campus
  • Richard Luyt Room, Level 2 of the Otto Beit Building, Upper Campus
  • Kramer Quad, Level 3 of the Kramer Building, Middle Campus
  • Impilo Junction, Faculty of Health Science 

Students will be able to book a space in the above mentioned venues up to seven days in advance by logging onto the UCT Resource Booker App. For more information on how to book a space on the UCT Resource Booker App please find step by step instructions here or view this training video.

In order to access the study space, a student will need to:

  • Wear a mask that covers nose and mouth
  • Present the UCT Health check, indicating a green outcome
  • Present confirmation of the booking
  • Show their student card

For queries please contact or 021 650 5389.