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Payment & consultations

Fees for Service

There is a cost for all professional services rendered. The current rates are available from the Student Wellness receptionist. Students providing proof that they receive a financial aid package from UCT do not pay to see a medical practitioner when referred by a nurse, but they are still responsible for paying cash for their medication and for certain tests and procedures. Students who pay immediately after a consultation with a Medical Practitioner receive a reduced fee. In instances where this did not take place, the fee will be added to your student account. Should you require a referral to a private specialist or medical practitioner, it is your responsibility to pay for the services provided by that professional person or organisation. HIV testing, STI medication and basic contraceptives are free of charge.


Consultations are strictly by appointment either by phoning 021 650 1020 or scheduling in person at reception. Email bookings are not offered. All missed doctor's and nurse's appointments are charged for if not cancelled at least 12 hours beforehand. Emergencies will be assessed by a practitioner and referred appropriately.