Counselling services


What can you expect from the Counselling service?

You can expect a courteous and efficient reception. A qualified, registered and experienced psychologist will provide you with a confidential counselling service. The counselling service offered to you may include assessment, brief counselling (up to 8 sessions), and/or referral. It may be that longer term or specialised counselling would be beneficial for you, in which case you will be referred to the most appropriate service outside of the Student Wellness Service's Counselling service. The Counselling service does not include any interventions required for court proceedings, legal matters or any other intervention that would require a report for any purpose other than that which is a university related matter (excluding the University tribunal). Psychometric assessments are not conducted within the scope of the Counselling service.


The counselling service is provided to you at a cost of between R20 and R150 per session (negotiable) and students able to prove that they receive financial aid from the University are not charged. Fees are payable at the Student Wellness Service's accounts office directly after the session. In instances where payment after consultation cannot be made, fees will be added to your student account and this will reflect as 'Student Wellness' on your fees statement.


All information that may arise from an assessment or counselling will be regarded as strictly confidential, and will not be divulged to any other party outside of the Student Wellness Service, with the following exceptions:

  • when you provide written consent
  • when the life or safety of yourself or someone else is threatened due to your state of mind or your stated or implied intent
  • when disclosure of information is required by law or the counsellor is ordered by a competent court to do so
  • when required for the purpose of case management within the Student Wellness Service

All psychologists are registered by the HPSCA and therefore uphold the code of confidentiality.

Referrals by Staff

Students can also be referred by staff members who are concerned about their emotional well-being, if the student gives consent to be referred. In these cases, students are encouraged to make direct contact with Student Wellness Services to request an appointment. Please note that no feedback is provided to faculty or other staff, unless written consent is provided for this purpose by the student.

Cancellation of Appointments

  • 24 hour notice is required for postponement or cancellation of appointments
  • if you do not postpone or cancel as specified above or do not arrive for a session, you will lose that session