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About Student Wellness

The Student Wellness Service provides a professional health and counselling service to students at a primary health care level. The service is dedicated to assisting students in making healthy lifestyle choices in relation to nutrition, alcohol, safer sex, relationships and stress management amongst others, in support of academic success.

The Student Wellness Service is involved with the prevention, early detection & treatment of all health & psychological conditions as well as the promotion of a balanced & healthy lifestyle. It provides psychosocial support & interventions to students presenting with personal, social, family and relationship challenges.

The cluster seeks to play a significant role in developing and empowering the whole student – promoting their ability to take control of their own living & learning through wellness, self-confidence, self-awareness, personal meaning and responsible citizenship.

Below are the service sites that can be accessed when making deferred exam applications.

Deferred Exam Service Sites

Deferred exams services  are provided by either a medical / mental health staff member and booked online. No walk in services are provided

Triage hotline is 021 6505620 for telephonic advice between 08h30 – 16h30 weekdays.


Book medical appointments.

Book psychological appointments.

Student Wellness Service is currently offering various group interventions. Below is a listing of the group interventions offered.


Are you interested in the SWS Peer Education Program? Please see the information and application form below.

Peer Education Program              Peer Education application form

Student Wellness Services COVID-19 pandemic presentations and videos are available as per following links.