Welcome, incoming students to the University of Cape Town.

Congratulations on becoming part of the UCT community. Orientation is a time of celebration and new beginnings. We hope to provide you with all the information and details necessary for a successful transition into your life at UCT and your first year.

We are very excited to welcome you to your new home. Your stay here will be full of fun and growth, and it is our job to plan and co-ordinate events and activities that will introduce you to the people and locations in which all of this fun and growth will happen.

Your Orientation will introduce you to the academic, social, and cultural environment at UCT. There are many events: some to introduce you to other students, some to feed you, and some to help you understand how to study and learn in a university setting. But it's safe to say that the purpose of all the events is to make you feel comfortable and excited about your stay here.

We have a team of 200 Orientation leaders, divided according to faculty, plus multitudes of staff who will greet you when you arrive on campus. Our orientation leaders will work to ensure that you have a positive experience during your Orientation. We will all be easily identifiable by our brightly coloured T-shirts and are ready to answer any questions.

A great event is the Fresher's Braai, to which all first-years (and only first years) from all faculties are invited.

We hope you see your arrival on our campus as something to celebrate and the beginning of the many exciting things you will experience as you enter the world of higher education and university life. This celebration will be what you make it, but know that there are lots of people waiting for you to arrive so that we can help you along the way if you need it.


Please let us know if we can answer any of your questions about Orientation and your arrival. See you there.

Mrs Shamla Naidoo
Manager, Student Orientation and Advocacy Centre.