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Student Orientation & Advocacy Service (SOAS)

The Student Orientation and Advocacy Service (SOAS) is a student-friendly, walk-in, one-stop advice and referral centre for the UCT community and the public. It is also a centre from which the university-wide orientation activities for undergraduate students are developed, organised and coordinated.

The SOAS deals with students' needs and queries ranging from giving directions around campus - such as finding offices, buildings, people and venues - to advice and referral to services offered by the faculties, the Department of Student Affairs and various other UCT departments.

The SOAS is a good starting place for parents, prospective students, alumni and general visitors to UCT seeking information or simply wishing to visit the campus. It provides access to printed information (brochures, pamphlets, forms, notices, handbooks and other university publications) and assistance with using these.

SOAS provides a comfortable and friendly space where students can talk to an advisor about issues relating to university life. Students will be assisted and guided in processes relating to effective and manageable outcomes. We have an effective referral and follow-up system that ensures sufficient support and care to all students. We work closely with other service providers at UCT and, where appropriate, we would refer you to the relevant department.

To expand continued support to first year students, SOAS provides mentoring training to student volunteers. The training covers aspects such as effective communication, listening skills, role of the mentor, confidentiality and referrals. All training programmes are designed to meet the specific needs of student groups.

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