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Orientation FAQs

What is Orientation?

Orientation is a series of events and activities designed to help you as a first-year student explore all that awaits you at university. You'll meet people, find out about resources on campus, learn how to find your way around campus and have some fun too.

However, Orientation is more than just a single day or week of activities. It's about our commitment to help you, as a new student, explore opportunities for involvement on campus and successfully connect to your new community.

Do I have to attend Orientation?

No, it's not mandatory, but it's highly recommended for all new undergraduate students - and not just for students living in residence. It really will help smooth the transition to university. You'll meet people, get to know the campus, and get involved in some fun activities. It's definitely a good idea.

Why should I attend Orientation?

Orientation is designed to assist students making the transition to UCT, and has something to offer to incoming students, whether this is your first university experience directly from high school, you are transferring from another institution, or you are coming to university later in your life.

During Orientation, you will have the opportunity to:

  • meet with representatives from the university, including faculty members
  • find your way around on campus
  • receive information on your degree and what is involved
  • learn about the wide variety of campus resources available to you
  • ask questions and get answers from current students, faculty members, and other UCT staff
  • meet other new and returning students
  • talk with student organisations and learn how you can get involved on campus
  • set up your email and computer lab accounts

Should I still attend Orientation if I've already talked with my academic advisor?

Yes! Your advisor addresses the issues to get you registered for classes. Orientation is the next step. Orientation assists students in the transition from high school to university.

How and when do I register for classes?

Students cannot register until the end of Orientation, and registration is carried out by the respective faculty.

I declared my majors already but I want to change them. How do I do that?
You can contact the faculty or an academic advisor and speak to them about changing majors.

When do I get my student card?

Students need to be registered prior to getting their student card. Student cards will be issued during Orientation once a student is registered. The student card will give you access to all of UCT's services, such as the library, computer labs, etc.

When do I get my parking disk?

Unfortunately, first-year students are not allowed to park on campus. We advise students to use the Jammie Shuttles. These are buses which operate between all residences, campuses and public bus, train and parking facilities in the vicinity. They are free to use for all UCT registered students.