Landlords post an ad

Please note that all the information submitted on this form will be used solely for the purpose of listing rental property, which will be displayed on the accommodation page on this website for a period of 3 months if approved.

In order to advertise your accommodation, please complete the form below. The information is updated weekly and is made available on this website. This is a free service offered by UCT and no charges or fees will be levied on either students or landlords.

Please note:

  • A lease agreement has to be submitted with the advert.
  • Each advert will only have a span of 3 months on this website. If your accommodation is not occupied within 3 months you have to reapply to advertise your accommodation.
  • Once your accommodation has been occupied, inform the Off Campus Student Accommodation Service (OCSAS) office via email or fax (086 528 6232). Your advert will be removed.

Accommodation Information