Financial Assistance

Gap Funding

GAP funding is considered for those applicants that did not meet the NSFAS eligibility criteria but still need some financial assistance towards their study costs. Student Financial Aid will send Gap funding applications to applicants/students whose application has been rejected by NSFAS on the R350 000 income exceeded. Each application will be evaluated for Gap funding eligibility.

The financial assistance provided to Gap funded students is a course fee bursary and a UCT Loan offer.

Students with a gross family income of between R350 000 and R600 000 are eligible for GAP funding.

Realising how hard it is to finance more than 1 students cost of tertiary study, provision has been made to provide additional assistance for siblings at UCT. For GAP funded students with siblings at UCT - the 2nd and subsequent siblings will receive a 50% course fee bursary, if all have applied for funding and are undergraduate students.

UCT Administered Bursaries towards Course Fees

GAP funded students will receive a non-repayable course fee bursary ranging from 20% to 40%, based on the gross family income.

A first year BCom student could get as much as R25 000 as a course fee bursary.

UCT Student Loan Offer

GAP funded students will qualify for either a R51 400 or a R14 300 UCT loan offer. The loan offer is based on whether you are a local student or from out of town, with local students being offered a R14 300 loan, and out of town students a R51 400 loan. Note this loan is underwritten by UCT.

GAP Funding Rules

In the interest of ensuring an equitable and fair allocation of resources given the demand for financial assistance, the following GAP Funding Rules apply to any funding awarded.

  • Students that have paid all their fees will have funding withdrawn pro rata to the credit in their account.
  • Students with sponsorship or scholarships will have their UCT Tuition bursary reduced and thereafter the loan offer will be reduced or cancelled equivalent to the other funding received.
  • Students receiving UCT GAP funding will be adjusted should NSFAS provide/allocate funding.
  • Students will not receive UCT GAP funding if other funding received exceeds the UCT determined GAP funding package.
  • All GAP funded students are expected to pay their contribution towards study cost.
  • Loan conditions will be applied, and loans are repayable once a student finish or stops studying
  • The Loan offer is towards outstanding fees. Students will only receive funding for private accommodation should they have a credit. No other refunds permitted.


How do I apply?

UCT is part of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) student-centred application model. All students and applicants that require financial support must apply to NSFAS. Unsuccessful NSFAS applications on income exceeding R350 000 will be sent an application for gap funding assessment.

Use the link below to the NSFAS website to register and proceed to complete your on-line application.

NSFAS Online Application 


When will I know if I am eligible for GAP funding?

Once we receive the application back from you, the application will be evaluated, and the outcome communicated to you.  It is therefore important to submit a properly completed application with all supporting documents to ensure no unnecessary delays.

All applications are checked against the following eligibility criteria:

  • South African citizenship or permanent residency (proof must be provided)
  • First undergraduate qualification
  • Financial eligibility
  • Applicant must not be under administrative order
  • If the student was registered at a tertiary institution before, and the number of years of registration to apply the N+1 rule

Note: The post-degree law programme is no longer funded (LAWP01), and the PGDA, PGCE programmes

    UCT will confirm by email your eligibility for GAP funding.