Student Societies & Organisations

Society Funds

The university has made funds available to student societies and organisations. These funds have been provided to further the university's vision and mission, and to contribute to the development students and the university community. Any student organisation may apply to these funds.

Societies' Travel Assistance Fund

The Societies' Travel Assistance Fund is available to student organisations to help fund travel within South Africa's borders. Funds will be allocated for travel to intellectual, cultural and sporting events as well as for subsistence during the period travelling.

Applications will be judged on the benefit that they will bring the university and surrounding communities and their ability to facilitate the development of the students.

Applications may be made by individuals but must be supported by student organisations. The application must be submitted a month in advance, prior the trip.

Student Travel Fund

The Student Travel Fund is available for students who wish to travel abroad to attend conferences or events. The fund provides assistance travel and subsistence for international travel.

The purpose of the fund is to stimulate intellectual, cultural and sporting development at the university through exposure to the international community.

Successful applicants must create realistic plans to reinvest the skills they have learned overseas back into the university. Students must receive endorsement and support from student organisations to attend events.

The Student Travel Fund will receive applications two times a year,once a semester.

The dealine dates for application to the Student Travel Fund in 2018, 20 April 2018 and 05 October 2018.

Student Fund for Visiting Speakers

The Student Fund for Visiting Speakers is available to student organisations to assist in bringing speakers from overseas and from other parts of South Africa to Cape Town.

The fund can be used to cover the travel expenses and accommodation costs of bringing a speaker to UCT. The fund is also available to assist in covering the costs of administration of student-run conferences.

Successful applications will be those that will find broad appeal with the university, enhance the intellectual climate of the university and seek to develop the students of UCT.

Societies' Publication Fund

The Societies' Publication Fund is available for student organisations to produce print media that is broadly accessible and stimulating for UCT students. The purpose is to grow the creative and intellectual discourse of students at UCT.

The fund may not be used for day to day societies printing and media. The funds purpose is facilitate the publication of high volume, student produced news and intellectual publications.

Funds will only be made available when the publication has been designed and presented to the committee for review. The committee will provide advice on content but shall not censor any student production.

Should you require further information, contact Lindie Gayiza.