Student Societies & Organisations

Organising student events

The university requires that certain events organised by students be approved by the Department of Student Affairs and Risk Management. The kinds of events that must receive approval are events where:

  • Alcohol is consumed
  • Students are transported off campus
  • Events on campus where attendance is expected to be over 150 persons

Events taking place on Upper Campus, Middle Campus, Hiddingh Campus or off campus will be approved by Edwina Brooks.

Events taking place on Lower Campus or in residences will be approved by Grant Willis.

Approval Process

  1. Students are required to email Nolindo Wabani to request the form. 
  2. The form will need to be completed in full including all accompanying documentation.
  3. The form will need to be signed-off by Risk Management, Traffic Services, the Residence Warden if the event is at a residence.
  4. The event will then be approved by the responsible person from the Department of Student Affairs.