Student Development

Food Security

meal iconFood Security on campuses is a national and global reality. At UCT, the Food Security Task Team was set up in 2018 to understand this issue better on the UCT Campus. Simultaneously, it was necessary to respond to food insecurity on campus.

The purpose of the Food Programme is to provide basic support to students who are hungry and to enhance student learning and success. We recognise that inequality and poverty is linked to food insecurity in our society. The issue of student hunger is hidden and stigmatised and therefore our response seeks to eliminate stigma and to promote the dignity and agency of students. Ultimately, this programme is a social justice response that supports the student journey to academic success. The current programme is located in the office of the Director of Student Development, Department of Student Affairs, UCT. Please contact or 021 6503924 for further information.


From 2020, eligible students will receive vouchers that they may redeem at UCT Food & Connect outlets. The advantage of the vouchers is students will have greater choice of lunches. This is made possible through Pay and Connect running in catering residences. Students will sign on and receive vouchers daily that they may redeem by using their smart phone or student card at a point of sale at Food and Connect Stores. Find out more.



The 2019 food programme ran since January 2019. Smaller versions of this programme operated in 2018. A total of six hundred (600) packed lunches were provided to students on all UCT campuses. The UCT Food Connect service pre-packaged and delivered these lunches daily and a team of volunteers ensured the distribution of these lunches on all campuses. This programme started on 2 May and continued for the remainder of 2019.

During the first term (28 January to 12 April 2019), Student Housing catering staff and volunteers prepared lunches on site with products provided by external suppliers.