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About All Africa House


All Africa House was created as a concrete expression of the University of Cape Town's mission to be "an outstanding teaching and research university, educating for life and addressing the challenges that face our society."

Expanding on this key aspect, it is central to UCT's mission to "recognise our location in Africa and our historical context, claim our place in the international community of scholars, and strive for inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration and synergy". This spacious, modern complex is set against the spectacular backdrop of Table Mountain.


The new All Africa House will be a vibrant "market place" of academic ideas. The All Africa House will provide a welcoming venue for visiting and local academics to meet, share experiences and enrich each other. Its comfortably equipped flatlets will provide a haven away from home, a quiet refuge for academics to retire to after the stimulation of their day at UCT. All Africa House will become a focal point for graduate students from all parts of Africa, including South Africa. As such it will attract academics from all over the world, academics whose intellectual curiosity is stimulated by the excitement to be found where the young intellectuals of the African developing world meet their colleagues from other parts of the world.

This quote, from the original proposal submitted by Dr Ramphele to the Rhodes Trust, highlights UCT's vision for All Africa House. The building has 42 study-bedrooms arranged into 5 "flats", each with a separate entrance off the quadrangle and each with a shared kitchen facility. In addition there are 4 flats, studio rooms, and an executive suite. Common rooms include a seminar room, a large dining room area and a welcoming sitting room with television. The African Gender Institute has office space in the northern wing of the building.

Take a visual tour of the facilities at All Africa House, by watching the slide show. Select an accommodation type and scroll through the pictures using the buttons above. Enjoy the tour through this well thought out building, which has made true use of the African theme.

Eligibility - Who Qualifies to Stay at All Africa House?

All Africa House welcomes all visiting academics and part-time postgraduate students (i.e. only visiting or short course Masters and PhD) on scholarly business to the University of Cape Town. A recommendation from the relevant department or academic unit at the University of Cape Town is a prerequisite for both academics and students.

All Africa House is not accessible to undergraduate students, to people requiring vacation accommodation, or to people with children.